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Lost Civilization
PC | ITA | 457 MB
Il tuo fidanzato è scomparso poco prima di una grande scoperta archeologica. Dovrai essere una vera eroina per portare a termine la sua ricerca e salvarlo. Risolvi gli enigmi e fai attenzione a ogni dettaglio in questo gioco a oggetti nascosti. Riuscirai a salvare il tuo amato?
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Cognition - Game of the Year Edition - GOG
Cognition - Game of the Year Edition - GOG (PC/ENG/2012)
English | PC | 2012 | 4.81 GB
Genre: Adventure | Point-and-click | Detective-mystery

Take on the role of Erica Reed, a Boston FBI agent with the power to see the past, as she follows the trail of four different serial killers, and a series of clues left for someone with her specific ability. Who?s leaving the clues? How do they know her secret, and what do they want from her?
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Fall of The New Age Premium Edition-PROPHET
Fall of The New Age Premium Edition-PROPHET (PC/MULTI/2014)
Multi | PC | 2014 | 660 MB
Genre: Adventure, Casual

Mankind has just got out from the dark Middle Ages. Superstitions and fears still reign the minds of the majority of people, but the germs of science and culture rapidly emerge and grow stronger. But, as it turns out, it doesn?t play into the hands of some of those in power. They are willing to make every effort and use all means to prevent the development of noble minds. The coup brews after sudden death of King in one kingdom and childless Queen is in mortal danger. A group of officials, financiers - merchants, local mafia and some members of the highest ranks of police belong to secret cult, whose goal is the destruction of any educational programs and new scientific achievements, which were very supportive and strongly promoted by the deceased king.
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Cossacks Anthology [GOG]
Cossacks Anthology [GOG] (PC/ENG/2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 0.99 GB
Genre: Strategy

The Cossacks series are a bestseller of the real-time strategy game genre that sold over 4 million copies worldwide. Winners of the PC Zone - Award for Excellence, and they are an unquestionable gem in the genre. This pack includes the original Cossacks and its two expansions in which the developers really took the feedback from the fans into consideration, and through that they managed to improve the game even further. The result is an almost perfect, and quite realistic, strategy game in which you can write your own version of post-Renaissance European history.
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Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad Builders
Our story begins in the sprawling plains of the Great Basin in the American West. Construction of the railroad has been forging ahead after overcoming the challenge of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Unfortunately, the railroad has recently been plagued by repeated attacks from the infamous Dalton brothers in their determination to get their greedy hands on the stockpiles of construction resources. Workers are terrified, work has ground to a halt and the railroad is in danger of slipping behind schedule. The West construction team will never make it to the rendezvous on time without your help! Lucky Luke has been sent to boost the workers' morale and, with your help, oversee construction of the railroad.
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Group TE has released the latest version of the pc game "Haunted Hotel Death Sentence Collectors Edition". Enjoy!
Description: Together you and your friend James have solved all kinds of supernatural mysteries together, but this case may be his last. Late one evening, you receive a letter written in James's own handwriting, claiming that he has died and that the Holy Mountain Hotel holds the answers. Racing off to the hotel, you discover it's completely abandoned. But is it really? You'll have to dig deep to uncover the murderer responsible for taking justice into his own hands! Can you save James and escape with your lives, or will The Holy Mountain Hotel become your early grave?
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