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Release: 2000
Genre: RPG
Developer: SquareSoft
Language: En
Size: 115 MB FS+BS+FSn

Adventure into a world of unparalleled depth and danger with SquareSofts Vagrant Story. In this sweeping dungeon-crawling epic you play as Ashley Riot, a young assassin and spy for the organization known as Riskbreakers. Your goal is to unravel a deep and twisted plot and come to terms with the recent death of your wife and child. If this sounds a bit too cerebral never fear. Your path to recapturing your sense of humanity hinges on the destruction of countless vicious monsters and the exploration of dark and dangerous dungeons. Vagrant Story is awash in gorgeous scenery and features designs from Yasumi Matsuno and Akihiko Yoshida, the acclaimed artists and creators behind Final Fantasy Tactics.
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Release: 2007
Genre: Action
Developer: Phenomedia
Language: En
Size: 52 Mb

Moorhuhn the adventurous bird is back with a thirst for strong sensations! This time he will be flying with weapons, to the displeasure of his alien attackers which he intends to snipe at!
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Release: 14 September 2010, by Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Supermassive games
Language: En
Size: 1,76 GB (3% repair) FS+FSr

Stack blocks in tall towers to earn big scores in this physics-based puzzle game.
With the use of the (PlayStation Move motion controller), players can accurately
and precisely place objects, stacking things up and knocking them down in order
to meet the goals of each level. And for those with a 3D TV, players can even
experience Tumble in stereoscopic 3D for a complete tactile and visual experience.
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Emergency 2012 (2010/MULTI2/RePack by Fenixx)
Language: Eng, Rus | PC | Developer: Quadriga Games | Publisher: Deep Silver | 3 Gb
Genre: Strategy (Manage / Busin. / Real-time) / 3D

Great game "Emergency 2012" is waiting for you! You acted as a rescue service. Fires, floods - now its your job! Do not let the lyrics take you by surprise. Under your command are well-trained people who can find a way out of any situation. As the passing game will be available to various modifications of rescue equipment. If youve been dreaming of a career firefighter or rescue, then the game "Emergency 2012" just for you!
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Enter The Matrix Portable | PC | 263 mb
Genre: Third-Person Action | Publisher: Infogrames | Developer: Shiny Entertainment

Based on the second movie in the trilogy, Enter the Matrix features a mixture of gunplay and martial arts that bend the rules of the Matrix, insane driving and stunts, and the chance to pilot the fastest hovercraft in the fleet. This game isnt just set in the Matrix universe, its designed to be an integral part of the entire Matrix experience, with a story that weaves in and out of The Matrix: Reloaded, the sequel to the Academy Award-winner. Enter the Matrix is the story-behind-the-story. Features bullet time effects, never-before-seen life-action footage starring the cast of the movies, and more.
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Release: 1999
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Polyphony Digital
Language: En
Size: 309 MB FSn+BS+FS

This on-rails shooter will provide plenty of excitement for gamers looking for a shooter fix. You have a host of lethal weapons at your disposal including homing missiles, lasers, and cluster bombs. Another unique feature of this game is the fact that you have control of your mech, even though the game is on rails. What this means is that you can dodge incoming fire and missiles or rotate in search of the best shot. Control-wise, a targeting system has been implemented with both manual and automatic lock-on firing, which puts you in complete control. There is also a special gallery section that allows you to check out all the big mechs in the game.
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Frontlines Fuel of War Razor1911 l English l PC l Size 9.60 GB

Publisher: THQ
Developer: Kaos Studios
Genre: Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter

Frontlines™: Fuel of War™ is an open-world First Person Shooter set on the frontlines of tomorrow. In a world ravaged by a global energy crisis, environmental decay, and economic depression, players assume the role of an elite soldier in the Western Coalition Army on an epic crusade against the Red Star Alliance to control the last of the worlds oil reserves. Frontlines: Fuel of War combines cinematic, non-linear game play with next generation firepower and a revolutionary Frontline Combat System™ to deliver the most thrilling and intense FPS to date.

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